Are you Meeting All Disclosure Requirements?

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Disclosures Required

No matter how great a home may look at first, problems may be hiding under that fresh coat of paint. As a buyer, you should scrutinize the property disclosure!  The property disclosure will outline any flaws that home sellers and agents are aware of that could negatively impact a home’s value.

This is required by law so buyers can make an informed decision and know the good and bad parts of a home before closing the deal.

The federal government requires certain disclosures. Like, if the home contains lead-based paint, asbestos or any other health and safety risks, but states and counties may also have their own laws regarding disclosures. 

If buyers are fine with the document, then they can sign off on it and move forward with the deal. But if anything looks strange, the deal may be re-negotiated. We are here to help you throughout the disclosure process.

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