Want to Double Check the Value?

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Are You Confident You're Not Selling too Cheap?

If you’ve decided to list your home yourself, are you sure the price is accurate and not underpriced? I know it’s crazy to hear an agent ask this, but it happens! Sometimes property owners don’t know the true value of their home and undersell. For instance, we once saw a seller list their home at less than $67,000 the appraised rate and they had to sell for the contracted price!  

Our team can create a comparative market analysis that matches your property compared with others in the area to make sure you’re getting a fair price for the sale of your home. The process is 100% free to you. We just need to further understand the condition of your property so the report will be accurate.

Just call, text, or email us today to get in touch, so we can put together this report for you!