Considering an IBuyer Offer?

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Be Wary of "No Hassle" iBuyer Offers

Unconventional online iBuying programs have grown in popularity as people seek more convenient transactions, like Redfin, Open-door and Offerpad. iBuyers are companies that purchase homes outright directly from the homeowner. This way, the seller won’t have to pay an agent, list the home, stage it, market it nor show it to potential buyers. Instead, they can just tell the iBuyer facts about the property such as its age, condition, zip code and more.

With data and algorithms, iBuyers will predict the home’s value without seeing it in person. After this, a cash offer will be presented with sellers can accept or decline.iBuyers typically fix up properties and then list them on the market or to investors for a profit. Obviously, in order for iBuyers to make a profit, they have to purchase homes for below market value.

Be wary of iBuyer offers. You can usually make a lot more for your home by selling it on the market.

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