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Colleyville 3 Bay Garage Homes

Home buyers have always longed for the additional storage of a three car garage.  But builders didn't start including the extra space except in the higher priced luxury homes until the early 2000's. Luckily, many homes in Colleyville fit that upper end category, so it's not uncommon to find twenty year old and older homes with three car garages in the city.

Colleyville Three Car Garage Home for Sale

The lot size needed to accommodate three car rear entry garages needs to be wider then most newer volume built construction offers. But some homes deliver a garage that's two spaces wide and one bay double deep, often called a tandem garage. That does make parking three cars a bit more difficult as you may need to jockey the position of the cars sharing one side.  But if you the additional space for a workbench or toys, a tandem garage could be ideal.

Some newer homes manage to offer three garage spaces despite the narrower lots. Architects separate the bays, putting one up front with a swing driveway, or split by itself off to one side of the home.

If you're keeping an eye out for three car garage homes in Colleyville or surrounding areas, you've come to the right place. Give me a shout and I'll make sure you don't miss any. -Cindy

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