The Window for Top Dollar is Now for Area Sellers

Argyle Texas Real Estate Agent On Listing Your Home for Sale

Supply and demand. They’re the two factors that determine if you’re going to sell for top dollar, or need to make price adjustments.  Home sellers in North Texas,  if you’re thinking about selling your house this year, the window of opportunity is right now. 

Demand Is at Historic Levels This Winter

The ShowingTime Showing Index  tracks the average number of buyer showings on homes for sale in  Argyle, Roanoke, North Fort Worth and the Alliance area. It’s an extremely reliable leading indicator of current and future homebuyer demand. The most recent index shows December was the busiest December in five years (see graph below):

Housing Demand

Remember, to get the best price for something (your home?) you want to sell it when the demand is highest

Housing Supply Is Extremely Low

On the opposite end of the equation, releases data on the number of active residential real estate listings. Notice the monthly number is the lowest of any January since 2017 (see graph below):

Active listings Argyle and surrounding areas

And don’t forget, the best time to sell an item is when there’s a limited supply. This graph clearly shows how extremely low housing supply is today.

Supply at Historic Lows, Sales at 15-Year Highs

According to the latest Existing Home Sales Report published by the National Association of Realtors, sales are at the highest annual level in over 15 years. Additionally, the current supply is at the lowest point ever reported.

The Take-Away

More than at any other time, the demand from home buyers exceeds the supply of homes for sale.  This high buyer demand and low supply gives sellers an amazing opportunity.

If you're considering selling, let's get together to discuss the process of listing your house today.


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