Do I Need a Realtor for New Construction?

Are you thinking of buying a new home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Whether you’re considering a move-in-ready property, something already under construction, or a proposed new home, working with a knowledgeable agent will save you time and money and ultimately provide a better product and experience.

New Home Specials and Incentives wtih Expert Agent

The Sales Representative Represents the Builder, Not You

When you walk into a model home, the builder’s representative who warmly greets you is there to sell you their product, a new home. They’re very knowledgeable about their product and know a lot about the construction process.

They negotiate prices, incentives, and upgrades every day. How many homes have you negotiated this year?

Because they represent the builder, these sales reps aren’t going to point out the negatives that will make your future resale difficult. (Somebody buys the lots that back up to the future commercial property without recognizing what the next year or two may bring.)

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You Won't Get a Better Deal by Showing Up Without Representation

Lots of new home buyers incorrectly assume if they show up without their own representation, or even represent themselves, a builder will pass along an agent’s compensation in the form of a lower price or incentive directly to the buyer.

Your agent's compensation, like other expenses, is built into and spread across all the prices of all homes in the addition

So, if it’s not paid to your agent, the fee stays in the builder’s pocket. Important!

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To Protect Your Right to Representation 

You must have your agent with you or mention your agent when you first register with a builder. You’ll typically be asked to register when entering a new home sales office. They'll ask for your contact information, how you found them, and your agent's name. If they're not with you, you must put your agent's name down during this registration process.

Sometimes builders don’t mind you registering an agent later. Others require it on your first visit, or they'll refuse to compensate any representative you decide to bring later. That leaves you to pay your Realtor yourself or go without representation.

Added Value at No Additional Cost

When you bring us on as “buyer's agents" we have a specific fiduciary responsibility to protect your interests. Some of the things we do during your new home purchase include:

  1. Advising you on neighborhoods and builders that fit your location and price needs.
  2. Letting you know where to find the current incentives
  3. 30+ Years of building relationships with builders' representatives mean we're on their call list when they have unadvertised incentives and homes become available 
  4. Giving you suggestions about picking the right lot and location within a new subdivision
  5. Providing information about plan modifications and upgrades that can add enjoyment now and value at resale without adding expense.
  6. Helping you review and understand builder contracts and the seemingly never-ending change orders.
  7. Advising you on the importance of independent home inspections, connecting you with a proven inspector and helping you decide which inspections to consider.
  8. Showing you benefits and drawbacks of working with the builder's preferred lender and title company. We can help you do the math.
  9. Sharing the experience gained over 30 years and 100’s of previous buyers let’s us ask questions you may not have thought of allowing a smoother process and the best outcome.

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Let’s Start the Conversation

If you're considering new homes in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, reach out to us as early as possible and let’s chat. Even if you’ve already visited DFW new home communities, we can discuss where you currently stand and go from there. You can fill out our contact form or call Cindy directly for a NO-pressure conversation about your needs.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about buying a new home from a builder. But when you put yourself in a builder's shoes, it's easy to see why these new construction companies do what they do. And understanding that will provide you with some opportunities to get the best deal available.


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